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Elisa Miller

Human Factors Engineer, Mitre

For Elisa, it’s not just about solving problems, it’s about figuring out what problems need to be solved, particularly those that happen when humans interact with products and services. As a performance improvement thought-leader, her journey spans the breadth of the user experience landscape from product management to information architecture, from UX research to Design Operations. A frequently requested speaker and community leader, she uses insight from a variety of industries to create a strategic lens on how understanding people leads to better products that customers want.

She understands that innovation is not a thing you do, but rather an environment you build to nurture innovation through creativity and learning about people’s needs. She is committed to including accessibility into the design of all products and services from the beginning. She is a:

  • Change agent

  • Practice builder

  • Strategic thinker

  • Problem solver

  • Learning partner

  • Thoughtful researcher


John Slatin AccessU 2020