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Kim Patch

Consultant, Consultant

Kim Patch is a user interface expert, writer, editor, software developer, and musician. She writes the blog. Kim has been using speech input for 25 years, and developed the Utter Command add-on that speeds Dragon speech input for command-and-control. She's an invited expert and Mobile Accessibility Task Force cofacilitator for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Accessibility Initiative. Kim architected a system for interactive transcripts as lead researcher for Duke University’s Rutherfurd Living History program, and helped PBS Frontline build a similar system. Kim got her start 30 years ago as a metro reporter in Washington D.C. for United Press International, and later founded the Internet beat as a Senior Editor at PC Week. She's freelanced for many publications including the Associated Press, Reuters, the Boston Globe, the San Jose Mercury News, and Technology Review.