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Rob Carr

Strategic Accessibility Coordinator, WebAIM

Rob Carr is the Strategic Accessibility Coordinator at WebAIM, which is part of the Institute for Disability Research, Policy and Practice at Utah State University. Rob has been in the digital accessibility space since 2010. He has spent loads of time training, consulting, and learning about digital accessibility topics large and small. Rob has worked with thousands of individuals and dozens of organizations on everything from accessibility in a single PDF to integrating accessibility into organizations’ digital strategies. At WebAIM Rob works primarily to help organizations to approach web and digital accessibility as a strategic effort, at the project, program, and organizational levels. He also trains and consults on folding accessibility into technology purchasing and use decisions. Part of his time also goes to contributing to WebAIM’s renowned technical accessibility evaluation services. Rob also presents at national conferences, in both long- and short-form sessions, including Accessing Higher Ground, AccessU, AHEAD, the national ADA Symposium, ATIA, and others. Rob previously worked to build the accessibility services side of Oklahoma ABLE Tech, Oklahoma’s Assistive Technology Act Program.


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