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Preston McCauley

Principal UX Strategist AR / VR Design Innovation, Tonic3

Preston McCauley’s 20-year career in the UX industry has given him the opportunity to not only create and manage literally hundreds of applications and projects but also to develop the rare industry knowledge and skill to bring a product through the entire lifecycle. At the root of his many successes is the ability to pull together multiple domains of knowledge, identify problems, and solve them through design thinking activities. For the last several years he has been deep in the design, development, and bleeding edge of AR / VR / MR and immersive computing.

He loves looking into the near & distant future to come up with practical ways to solve design problems for today and tomorrow. He is a co-founder of the UX program at SMU Cape in Dallas Texas where he teaches Practical UX strategy & process methodology & Immersive UX Principles in AR & VR. He also is a co-founder of the Immersive Design & Development group located in Dallas Texas. He has done workshops & speaking engagements across the country on his principles of Multi-dimensional design for UX professionals.


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