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Jamie Knight

Manager Digital Accessibility, BBC

Jamie and Lion are an autistic duo who live in Romford. They are not very good at writing third party bios and are a bit shy. If asked they would tell you about their work. Almost 10 years at the BBC working on everything from iPlayer Radio to children’s gaming. Jamie Knight’s current job title is “senior research engineer” within the digital accessibility team. Jamie’s research focus is VR accessibility looking at navigation, interaction, narrative and facilitation.

Lion’s BBC career has mostly been in antelope management.

Outside of work Jamie has way too many side projects. He likes to make things and has a kit car and a number of custom built mountain bikes to his name. At the weekend he works on crime fighting software which currently monitors around $2bn of payments a week for fraud and money laundering.

Jamie has been speaking about his autistic life for over 10 years and has presented at nearly 125 events both big and small. He’s also contributed to books, magazines and co-presents 1800 seconds on autism. A BBC produced podcast about autistic life.


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