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Teal Ashby is new to contemplating accessibility considerations in games. But he has been interested in game design and theory since the early 80’s. His game studies began with wargames then moved into tabletop Role Playing Games (RPG’s). But his early exposure also included New Games that came out of the 60’s and were focused on cooperative games for group building.

He is not a published game designer or developer. So he is not inside any particular gaming industry. But he does follow technical and theoretical discourse on games. His focus includes physical games (like board games) to computer games (Massive Multi-player Online games – MMO’s, computer RPG’s, First Person Shooters, and so on). And such topics as Game vs Story, Language and Culture, Character and Player Agency, motivate his pursuits.

Teal is a web developer, and has worked with accessibility concerns in that context. He has spent a good deal of thought on creating sustainable workflows for technical, communicative and expressive products.