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Chris Law

, Accessibility Track Consulting, LLC

Through his company, Accessibility Track Consulting, LLC, Dr. Chris M. Law runs several innovative projects with and for the accessibility community:

  • Standard Accessibility Reporting, Inc., developing industry consensus standards for accessibility reporting

  • The annual ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium

  • The annual Digital Accessibility Legal Summit

  • The National Federation of the Blind’s Accessibility Switchboard Information Portal

Chris also consults on accessibility projects and is a speaker at accessibility meetings. His areas of expertise include:

  • Professional community building, conference organization, and hosting

  • R&D of standards and guidelines for ICT accessibility

  • Organizational behavior, corporate culture, and disability/diversity/inclusion programs

  • Testing (including code inspection, usability testing, and management of testing programs)

  • Section 508 government program support

  • Web, software, and electronic document accessibility

  • Inclusive / Universal / Accessible Design


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