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Amy Cole

Digital Accessibility Manager, Bixal

Amy is a seasoned Digital Accessibility Manager who has been making significant contributions to the field for over 20 years. Since joining Bixal, a federal contracting firm in 2022, she has been leveraging her expertise at the intersection of accessibility and usability. With a background in graphic design and technical writing, Amy brings a unique perspective to her work. Passionate about continuous learning and collaboration, Amy finds joy in exploring ways to enhance online spaces and make them more accessible. She values the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals in the field, always seeking to expand her knowledge and skills. Amy is particularly excited to be working with federal partners in her role with Bixal and draws from over 9 years of experience working in state government and higher education sectors in Arkansas. Beyond her professional pursuits, Amy finds fulfillment in various hobbies. In her spare time, you can find her running, tending to her garden, or indulging in her passion for drawing and painting.


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