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David Dauber

Accessibility Consultant, Dave D. Accessibility

Meet Dave D., a passionate accessibility (a11y) advocate who has championed accessibility rights from an early age. Being born with Cerebral Palsy and using a wheelchair since childhood, he has overcome numerous physical obstacles to engage in various activities he adores. Through his co-hosting and production of The Gene and Dave Show, he tirelessly promotes an active lifestyle for people with disabilities. Dave's journey has illuminated the vital importance of digital accessibility. He works to ensure that the show's website aligns with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), prioritizing equal access for all audiences. Dave's dedication extends well beyond the show. He actively advocates for accessibility in nonprofit organizations, such as ADAPT, has worked with the Texas Health & Human Services Civil Rights office, and currently offers consulting, coaching, and training to corporations of all sizes. His impactful work is a testament to his commitment and a catalyst for positive change. Dave invites everyone into the a11y family with his personal stories, spreading awareness and fostering inclusion. If his mission moves you, don't hesitate to connect with him and join the movement towards a more accessible world.


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