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Betsy Furler

Founder, For All Abilities

Betsy is a subject matter expert in disabilities, education, cognition, language. She specializes in cognitive accessibility and workplace disability issues especially for employees with ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning Differences, Autism and other forms of neurodiversity. Trained as a speech pathologist, Betsy brings over 2 decades of experience with people with a wide range of abilities to the business world. Betsy is the host of the podcasts, Your App Lady and For All Abilities The Podcast. She is also an author of four books and has written chapters in several other books. Betsy is an experienced public speaker and trainer. She is an expert in the use of technology. She has used her experience working with people with a wide range of disabilities and ages to help companies support employees and to use tech to improve lives of all people and maximize tech product reach to often overlooked portions of the population.