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Heidi Kelly-Gibson

Strategic Account Director, Deque

Heidi made an entry into working in the accessibility field by joining Deque in 2018. As a mom, wife and daughter, accessibility has touched her family in many ways over her lifetime. This includes dyslexia, ADHD, autism, macular degenerate, depression, anxiety and like many, by having aging parents. Heidi has two decades of experience in project and program management across many industries such as financial, healthcare, ecommerce, security, and payroll. She is certified as a Project Management Professional and holds the Certified Accessibility Core Competencies certification. Heidi co-wrote Deque's "Change Management in Accessibility" which is a 5-part blog series. Most recently she is focused on her customer's accessibility journeys and supporting them through the development and execution of their accessibility programs. Heidi is seldom without her faithful furry companions: her beloved English Bulldog, Louie, and her sweet Labradoodle Rottweiler Mix, Luna.