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Q&A: Change Management in Accessibility

taught by: Michael Harshbarger
co-presented by: Heidi Kelly-Gibson

Session Summary

When introducing Accessibility in organizations it requires change. This session will cover 4 different change management theories and how to use them to help your accessibility initiative succeed.


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This session will look at seven (7) different change management models (Lewin’s change management model, Kotter’s Theory, Kübler-Ross Change Curve, Nudge Theory, ADKAR Change Management, Bridges’ transition model, and the Strategic Execution Framework). Within in each model we will talk about the process and how it can be applied when bringing accessibility to an organization. We will also show how these models can be used in any size of organization to bring accessibility to mainstream.

Practical Skills

  • The participant will understand the steps behind the different change management models.
  • The participant will understand how to apply the models to introducing accessibility to an organization.
  • The participant will have a strategy for executing change in their organization.