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Everything you need to know about being a presenter at AccessU 2022.

AccessU 2022 Presenter Guide

Welcome to all the AccessU presenters! This guide is intended to provide you with all the tools and information you will need to be successful as an presenter at AccessU 2022. We thank you for being here.

If you cannot find the information you need, have questions or require assistance, please email us at

Dates and Conference Schedule

Here are the important Presenter dates for the conference.

  • April 15: Asynchronous recordings due
  • April 15: Presentation materials due
  • April 29: Tech checks complete
  • May 5: AccessU 2022 Learning Center open to attendees
  • May 9: Deep Dives
  • May 10: Live Sessions
  • May 11: Live Sessions, Q&A Sessions
  • May 12: Q&A Sessions

Presentation Formats

Live Presenters (Onsite)

Live presenters onsite will conduct their sessions at St. Edward’s University. You will present in a classroom on campus to both onsite and virtual attendees. A moderator will be available to monitor the virtual chat and help run the technical components of the broadcast. 

Classroom Set Up at St. Edward’s

If you are presenting your session live and onsite, you will be broadcasting your session from a classroom in the Trustee Hall at St. Edward’s. All classrooms will have a similar setup, including: 

A desktop computer that is connected to an LCD Projector or TV and classroom cameras with several different presets

(1) to view the presenter at the podium

(1) to view the presenter in front of a projector screen

(1) to view classroom participants

A moderator will be stationed at the desktop computer in the classroom.

The presenter will use their laptop. 

Please make sure to bring any accessories needed to connect your laptop to the LCD projector or LCD TV. We will provide more detailed information about the classroom equipment soon.

Live Presenters (Virtual)

Virtual live presenters will conduct their sessions offsite and online. These sessions will be broadcast in St. Edward’s classrooms for participants who are attending in person. An onsite moderator will help facilitate questions from these participants. 

Asynchronous/Live Q&A Presenters (Onsite or Virtual)

All presenters submitting pre-recorded sessions will also be scheduled for a live Q&A session on Wednesday, May 11th or Thursday, May 12th.  Presenters may be onsite or online. All sessions will have an assigned classroom with a moderator.

Recording with pland.

This year, we have partnered with pland., who will conduct all of the session recordings for those not presenting live. We recommend working with pland., but you do have the option of conducting the recording yourself. 

In order to record a session with pland., please schedule time by using the following link:  Calendly link to schedule recording

If you can not find a time slot that works for you please email pland.

All recordings must be completed and submitted by April 15, 2022. If you record with pland., they will submit your recording to us after working with you. We recommend you schedule your recording as soon as possible as available time slots will fill up quickly. 

Tech Tips

Pland. has put together a helpful resource that will help ensure a successful recording session:

Presenting tips - Zoom and Slides

Recorded session expectations

Length will vary, but if you originally planned for a 90 min session, your recording might be less than an hour since you won’t be stopping for questions.

Live Q&A

In your AccessU acceptance email, you should have also received a time slot on Wednesday, May 11th or Thursday, May 12th when you will be conducting a Live Q&A session for attendees to ask any questions about your pre-recorded presentation. These sessions will be 45-minutes long and can be conducted virtually or onsite. 


A panel/group discussion on a topic or idea. The moderator will introduce the topic/idea and facilitate discussion with panelists and the audience. Most roundtable moderators and panelists will be onsite, though some panelists and attendees will participate virtually.


An in-person demonstration of a product, service, or technology on campus at St. Edward’s University. Information on virtual participation coming soon.

Presentation Materials

To aid you in the creation of your materials, we have provided a Powerpoint template available for your use.

Presenter Template - AccessU 2022

If you decide to use your own presentation template, please make sure it follows accessibility guidelines. This includes having readable typeface, adequate color contrast, and alt text for images.

We have a resource with useful information on creating accessible materials and presentation practices: Inclusive, Accessible Presenting

Deadline for Materials

Please provide all final materials, including recordings, slides and/or documents to be shared with attendees, to Knowbility by April 15th, 2022.

If you have already submitted your presentation materials and/or slides, THANK YOU!

If you haven't yet sent them, we need to receive them by April 15. This is so we can make sure everything is accessible for our attendees and uploaded into the AccessU Learning Center.

You can upload your materials to the Presentations folder on our Google Drive. If you are using an online presentation tool, please email us your URL at

For larger presentations, an upload link will be available soon.

Conference Registration

Every session presented guarantees access to the general conference for one presenter and one co-presenter. This pass will grant you access to all of the pre-recorded sessions, live sessions, and live Q&As that will take place on May 10th - 12th. You will receive an access code to redeem your pass by completing the following steps. 

Submit your materials

Please submit all materials no later than April 15. As soon as you have submitted the following materials, we will send you your access code. This includes:

Pre-recorded Session(s) - If you are recording with pland., they will submit your session after recording with you

Materials - Whether you are pre-recording your session or presenting live, please submit all materials you will use. This can include any PDFs, documents, or slides that you will be presenting during the session. Make sure all submitted materials are in an accessible format.

Redeem Your Ticket

Once we have received your pre-recorded session and session materials, we will send you an access code that you will use to redeem your AccessU ticket on Humanitix. You will register through the Humanitix AccessU event page and use the code during checkout. 

Ticket Confirmation

Once you have received an email from Humanitix with your ticket to AccessU, you will have the ability to update your information if needed by clicking the "Edit Order" button.

Spread the Word and Promote Your Session

Spread the word! Make sure to share your excitement about your session(s) with your network. In order to help us promote the 19th year of AccessU we ask that you do what you can! This can include:

  • Share your session(s) with the link to John Slatin AccessU 2022 on the Knowbility website
  • Tag us in any of your tweets related to AccessU on Twitter. Our handle is @Knowbility
  • Use the hashtags #AccessU and #Knowbility.
  • Suggested language: My name is ______ and I am (role). I am an instructor at John Slatin AccessU 2022 and (brief overview of your session). AccessU will be hybrid this year, meaning people can attend either live or onsite at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. The conference will be from May 9th - May 12th, and I hope to see you there! Find more information and register for the conference at

Verify Your Information

We are currently building the AccessU Conference Schedule Page. Please notify us of any changes we need to make to your Session or Bio by contacting

Tech Checks & Trainings

We are using Zoom Events for AccessU this year and we want to make sure all presenters and participants are comfortable in utilizing the platform.

Information about tech check appointments for virtual presenters will be posted soon, as well as resources and trainings for Zoom Events. Watch this space!


We are creating the AccessU 2022 Slack workspace for communications specific to this year's AccessU 2022 attendees. You will receive an invitation via email from our team to join our AccessU 2022 Slack workspace. We will continue to maintain our existing AccessU Slack for ongoing community interaction between attendees past and present, for networking, questions, and other such.

If you have not received your Slack invitation by April 15, please contact us.


If we have not covered your questions, do not hesitate to email us with questions at Thank you for all you do to support our mission to make the digital world more accessible and inclusive for all.