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Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR)

Led by Chair Reginé Gilbert, the 2022 AIR is Launched!

The Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) teaches web pros how to design accessible web sites and apps in a practical, hands-on setting. Your company team is trained and mentored while building a basic website for a nonprofit organization or artist.

The 2022 Race to Accessibility is on!

Knowbility was pleased to welcome Chair Reginé Gilbert to our Austin Headquarters on Thursday, September 8 to Kick Off the 2022 Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) competition. For more than 20 years, AIR has launched accessibility careers and lifetime commitment to digital equity.

AIR is a fun, friendly web raising contest that teaches digital accessibility in the context of community collaboration and creative exploration. AIR participants learn accessibility skills that they take with them into their development practice. Artists and nonprofit groups better serve their communities with accessible web sites.

18 teams compete

Teams of web pros took the challenge! Nonprofits and artists polished up their content. Participants have been provided with digital accessibility basic training. They have begun the 8-week Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR).

On September 8th teams and nonprofits joined forces, met with their expert mentors, and the race to accessibility took off! Follow along as 18 teams create accessible nonprofit sites to serve community needs.

The calendar of events and more information are listed and linked below.

Community Advisory Board

AIR is an award winning community collaboration led by volunteers who are committed to building a more inclusive digital world. The creative energy of AIR springs from the dedication of these fine folks. We salute their service and thank them for their time and talents!

Staff Lead: Jessica "Jay" McKay

Community Advisors:

  • Reginé Gilbert, Chair
  • Caleb Watson, Team Recruiting
  • Paul Adam, Lead Mentors
  • Aaron Bramwell, Team Recruitment
  • Rob Carr, Lead Judge
  • Alicia Evans
  • Jillian Fortin
  • Sarah Horton
  • Tim Harshbarger
  • Bouton Jones

Questions? Send them to

Sponsor Opportunities Available

If you are interested in sponsoring AIR 2023, please email

Interested in AIR 2023?

Are you interested in participating in AIR 2023? Fill out a form to lets us know how to contact you in the spring when planning for AIR begins.