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Jen Goubeaud

Program Manager for Accessibility Testing Services, Aspiritech

Jennifer has had an unconventional path into tech. Her career started in the clinical field, providing services to autistic children and, eventually, individuals with traumatic brain injury, where she learned about the various assistive technologies individuals with disabilities use in their day-to-day lives. After many years in the clinical world and a stint doing research at Stanford University, she pivoted into working at a non-profit tech company called Aspiritech which aims to employ adults on the autism spectrum. This is where she became familiar with digital accessibility. Now as the program manager for accessibility testing services at Aspiritech, she manages a neurodiverse team of testers and project leads. In this role, she can combine her experience in psychology and human behavior and translate that into making digital experiences more usable and accessible for all people. As someone with ADHD, she is passionate about including individuals who are neurodivergent in accessibility conversations.


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