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Anezka Virani

Master's Student, Georgia Tech

Anezka Virani is a passionate UX professional with a proven track record of crafting impactful, accessible experiences that drive business growth. Currently pursuing her MS in HCI at Georgia Tech, she seeks to leverage her leadership, strategic thinking, and diverse expertise in a collaborative environment. Her expertise spans UX strategy, UI/UX design, accessible design systems, and data-driven optimization. Anezka founded Hucentric Designs, a design studio focused on inclusive experiences, where she collaborates with cross-functional teams to deliver impactful projects. She led the creation of a 100% WCAG 2.0 compliant loan management system for an Australian bank, ensuring equal access to financial services for everyone. Further, Anezka conducted a user study and led design improvements for Microsoft Accessibility Insights, leading to a significant improvement in task completion time for novice users. Anezka has led impactful design thinking & UX workshops for 200+ professionals & design students, fostering the next generation of UX professionals through mentorship.


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