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Corbb O'Connor

Director of Accessibility Advocacy, Level Access

Corbb O’Connor thinks like an economist, writes like a journalist, scrutinizes new features of social media like an advertiser, and tries his best to raise his seven-year-old like an Adlerian. A hands-down nerd, Corbb taught himself HTML, CSS, PHP, and mySQL alongside Adobe Photoshop so he could build a resource for webmasters in 1998. died a long time ago, but he’s still building. He started a B2B communications firm by mistake, kicked off U.S. Bank’s accessibility initiative, mentored salespeople into certified accessibility testers, and now leads accessibility advocacy for Level Access. He was appointed by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz to chair a statewide council that oversees the work of State Services for the Blind of which he has twice been elected its chairman. A Chicago native, recovering journalist, amateur radio operator, and occasional cowboy, Corbb has a question for any occasion.


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