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Corbb O'Connor

Accessibility Testing Operations Manager, Siteimprove

Growing up as a total nerd, Corbb’s birthday and Christmas lists included such items as a cash register, stapler, desk phone with transfer capabilities, and hotel stationery. Why? Because he was pretending to run his own businesses. Years later, after studying journalism, political communication and economics at The George Washington University, he started his own consulting company. After working with clients for a few years who frequently used Corbb to serve as a liaison with developers to ensure that content and web sites were accessible for people with disabilities, Corbb joined the consumer banking team at U.S. Bank as an accessibility subject matter expert. Today, Corbb leads a team of testing professionals at Siteimprove. His team uses assistive technology to manually test customers’ web sites, apps, PDFs and Microsoft Office documents to ensure that everyone can access the information at the same time and with the same level of effort. He spends most weekends exploring the city with his six-year-old son Silas, and—most of all—he looks forward to powering up a Ham radio (call sign K0RBB) or climbing aboard a kayak.


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