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Connecting the Paths: Harnessing Expertise and Bolstering Advocacy for Lasting Regulatory Change

taught by: Corbb O'Connor
co-presented by: John G. Paré, Jr., Susanna Laurin, Whitney Quesenbery

Session Summary

This panel of accessibility experts will explore the importance of connecting accessibility professionals and advocacy organizations.


Join us for the closing keynote, where digital accessibility specialists and membership organizations of people with disabilities come together for an empowering  discussion. In this session, we will explore the critical importance of bridging the expertise of accessibility professionals with the established, grassroots advocacy work being done by membership organizations. By fostering collaboration and understanding between these two essential groups, we can add specificity, connect with people who have disabilities, and accomplish more than either group can on its own. Through real-life case studies and an interactive discussion, we will delve into practical strategies for collaboration and partnership. Participants will gain insights into how they can leverage their respective strengths to drive meaningful change and ensure that accessibility initiatives are truly representative of the diverse needs and perspectives within the disability community. Too often, membership organizations need technical expertise and seasoned experts are tasked with carrying out policies that they didn’t help to enact. When we bring these groups together, we have proven that lasting change is sure to come to laws, regulations, and policies around the world.