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Frank Elavsky

Staff Data Visualization Engineer + Designer, Visa

Frank Elavsky is a Staff Data Visualization Engineer + Designer on the Data Visualization team at Visa Inc. He has a passion for computational geometry, motion design, and crafting data-driven experiences for users that leave a lasting impression.

Frank is committed to making data less painful and more inclusive for everyone, which means his approach is about building empathy with any audience of a data experience. He believes that the practice of visualizing data is (at its core) an attempt to make data more accessible and is excited to push this field towards new horizons.

His previous work was in the Research Computing space at Northwestern University, web development before that, and researching visualization and color in the Digital Humanities as an undergrad. In his spare time he is a system writer and world builder for a tabletop roleplaying game he plays with friends.


John Slatin AccessU 2020