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Cristina Miranda

Accessibility Specialist, Texas Workforce Commission

Cristina Miranda is an accomplished educational technology professional with expertise in assistive technology and accessibility. She holds a Master of Education in Educational Technology with a specialization in assistive technology. Cristina's work has focused on assistive technology evaluation, instruction, and accessibility, helping people with disabilities to gain access to work and education. Currently, Cristina works at the Texas Workforce Commission as an accessibility specialist, where she remediates documents and trains staff on how to create accessible documents. She is passionate about accessibility and believes that everyone, regardless of ability, should have equal access to information and opportunities. 

As a presenter, Cristina is engaging and knowledgeable, and she tailors her presentations to meet the needs of diverse audiences. She provides attendees with actionable strategies that they can implement in their own workplaces to make them more inclusive. Whether you are an educator, a professional in the accessibility field, or simply interested in learning more about how to make your workplace more accessible and inclusive, Cristina's expertise in assistive technology and accessibility is sure to inform and inspire you.