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Emanuela Gorla

Accessibility Specialist, TetraLogical

Emanuela is an Accessibility Specialist at TetraLogical with 13 years’ experience in the digital accessibility field and a strong background in UX research. 

Formally of U1 Group, Vision Australia, System Concepts and Barclays, Emanuela has helped small and large organisations implement sustainable accessibility programs and achieve their accessibility goals. In Australia, she closely worked with government departments as they faced the deadlines of the National Transition Strategy (NTS); all over the world, she assisted airlines in understanding and meeting the new requirements of the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA).

In addition to assessing websites and apps, reviewing designs, delivering training courses and writing guidelines, she specialises in conducting user research with people with a disability. From focus groups to moderated usability testing to diary studies, any research project is a source of invaluable insights that help her and her clients build truly inclusive products.


John Slatin Virtual AccessU 2021