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Digging into Accessibility and Visualization: Basics and Beyond

taught by: Frank Elavsky

Session Summary

Ever wondered how to design data visualizations with accessibility in mind? Ever wondered how to evaluate data visualizations for inaccessibility? This workshop might be for you!


This workshop is a thorough, hands-on introduction to accessibility and data visualization. Participants don't need to have any pre-requisite coding skills for attendance, although familiarity either with accessibility or with data, charts, graphs, and data visualizations may make some of the topics easier. While the topic of data visualization is considered advanced, beginners to accessibility and/or data visualization are absolutely welcome and encouraged to attend!

Practical Skills

  • An understanding of what accessibility is and how to frame accessibility work in data visualization.
  • Hands-on experience finding accessibility barriers in data visualizations.
  • Hands-on experience designing data visualizations with accessibility in mind.