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“Hello Computer” - Empowering Lives Through Voice Control: My Journey

taught by: David Dauber

Session Summary

Join Dave D., a lifelong assistive technology user, as he explores the universe of Voice Control on Mac and iPhone—no need to talk into a mouse like Scotty from Star Trek!


Learn how to enable and effectively utilize this feature for tasks ranging from typing notes to playing games. The presentation will also highlight tools like Head Pointer and Alternate Pointer Actions. We'll also examine how some apps fail to meet WCAG 2.5.3 'Label in Name' criteria, affecting voice-based navigation. Beam yourself into this session to empower your digital life through voice-activated control.

Practical Skills

  • Participants will learn to enable and use Voice Control on Mac and iPhone, allowing them to navigate their devices and perform tasks using voice commands, which can significantly enhance accessibility for users with motor impairments.
  • Attendees will understand how to use overlays with Voice Control, including 'Show Names,' 'Show Numbers,' and 'Show Grid' functions, to interact with their devices more efficiently, which will be demonstrated live for practical comprehension.
  • Participants will be informed about the limitations and hardships some apps, like Amazon Music, have on people who rely on Voice Control and the importance of meeting WCAG 2.5.3 'Label in Name' criteria for better accessibility, along with potential improvements that can be made to these applications.