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Plenary Session: Don't expect a winner in the game if there isn't a scoreboard

taught by: Chris Law

Session Summary

Presenter: Dr. Chris M. Law, Standard Accessibility Reporting, Inc.

Introductions: Sharron Rush, Knowbility (Strategic Partner Member of Standard Accessibility Reporting, Inc.)


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Of course accessibility isn't a game, but to regular consumers, and to those making IT purchasing decisions it's almost impossible to pick out a winner. To put it another way: if I'm blind and I'm considering the purchase of an app, it's going to be hit or miss as to whether the app is accessible because there isn't any accessibility review score; and if I'm purchasing an enterprise wide IT system, there's no reliable way for me to find out whether Product A is more accessible then Product B, so it's hard to figure out whether my employees with disabilities will be able to use it.

We have customer reviews for consumer IT (not including accessibility scores though).
We have consumer IT review companies providing in-depth analysis and reviews (not including accessibility scores though).
We have companies declaring their accessibility conformance to WCAG and Section 508 (not including accessibility scores though).

It's time to make a scoreboard.
"This one company has great accessibility; whereas this other company has terrible accessibility. Look at both scores on this industry-standard scale."
"This company produced a winner. They invested the time and effort to make their product accessible, and here is their winning score on this industry-standard scale."
"When you buy this app, you can reasonably expect it to be accessible, because it scores highly on this industry-standard scale."

The industry standard scale exists in the not-too-distant future. We're a nonprofit member-driven, member-voted group of organizations coming together to make this happen. We're doing this to provide a benefit to people with disabilities as customers, and to provide a benefit to those making large-scale enterprise purchasing decisions.
What will the benefits be for you, and the entire accessibility field? Find out in this session.