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Make Some Games And Learn A Bit of Game Design And Some Accessibility

taught by: Teal Ashby

Session Summary

We will work together to explore some basic concepts of Games. On the way, we will begin to tie in Accessibility focused considerations.


The exercise is structured around steps to teach some Game Fundamentals. There will be breakout rooms, as you will be divided into groups at times. After each stage, we will discuss concepts, options, and whatever facets our conversation brings up in that step.

There is no guarantee we will end up with a finished game, but you will practice actual game making. This is not simply about theory.

Bring 6 sided dice and playing cards if you have them. Something to write on may be helpful too.

What will you learn?

How to roll dice? Better yet, Why? to roll dice.

Having fun with Risk, Complexity, and Plain Language. 

(Aren't the last two mutually exclusive?)

Why do your friends keep stacking their Linear Accumulators?

Practical Skills

  • The first steps to thinking about games as designed experiences.
  • Concepts to work with Risk.
  • Perceptual possibilities for games.