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Forward Thinking Considerations For & AR /VR

taught by: Preston McCauley

Session Summary

Accessibility as in the past will be a challenge for new and emerging mediums. This presentation will serve to bring awareness to these challenges while looking at the 3 major emerging design mediums soon to be main stream.


As future technology for AR & VR continues to be adopted, we should be aware of the current methods we can use to begin addressing usability and accessibility challenges. This will not be an easy road, as the technology is constantly changing and this poses new and unique challenges. In this class we will be looking at the spectrum of the devices and how they are used today, what could be adapted to support different audiences, and techniques to potentially put into practice, as the technology and the capabilities mature.

Practical Skills

  • Awareness Of Technology
  • Ability to Think Critically About What Methods Exist To Approach Usability
  • Ability to think about what the next generation of systems and solutions needed