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Brian Miller

Brian Miller is a 25 years and counting Special Education Teacher in at The Rosedale School in Austin, Texas. For families whose children have severe special needs, the Rosedale School offers one simple message: “Your child is welcome here.” The school serves students of all ages from across the school district, with needs that cannot be met at their home campus. These students have significant cognitive and physical disabilities, are medically fragile or need intensive behavioral support. He is a National Board Certified - Exceptional Needs Specialist. He has been creating ways for students with the most serious disabilities to use the latest technology as meaningful tools for instruction since he received his first classroom Mac in the mid 1990s. As a life-long fan of “Star Trek”, he believes in Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the promise of technology to improve the lives of those with the greatest need. He enjoys the challenges of creating innovative ways to do so. If asked, he will tell you that his first career choice was clearly going to be a rock star. His second, a game show host. As a Special Education Teacher who gets paid to teach and play with kids all day who by definition need help being kids, he gets to be both on a daily basis.