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Jennifer Holyer

Software Engineer

Hi, my name is Jennifer Holyer. I am a Software Engineer/Accessibility Trainer at SoFi. I attended this conference last year and my life is forever changed. I had the privilege to interact with Haben Girma on and off the stage as well as spending a lot of time with the other attendees with various impairments. After the conference, I made it my life mission to raise awareness and find solutions to make software applications more accessible. I recently completed and received 6 curriculums:

  1. Web-Accessibility
  2. Customer-Service-for-People-with-Disabilities
  3. Document-Accessibility
  4. Accessibility-Program-Management
  5. Native-Mobile-Apps (iOS and Android )
  6. IAAP-CPACC-Certification-Preparation

I am also advocating for a11y on social media. I have about 13.4k followers on Instagram. The majority of my followers are in the STEM field (Instagram

I’m currently working on materials for LinkedIn Learning course on accessibility.