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The Business of Digital Accessibility

taught by: Seda Maurer

Session Summary

Implementing Digital Accessibility can be a daunting task when it is treated as an after thought and not planned for appropriately, and in advance. The question should be whether are all the stakeholders are well informed and knowledgeable in order to plan appropriately. And, who are the stakeholders? What are their responsibilities?

This talk will provide guideline for creating the structure needed for your organization to implement Digital Accessibility for your products.


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Most often than not, organizations appoint one individual, generally a UX Designer, a UX Researcher, or a Developer to implement Digital Accessibility for so many products of the organization. And, often than not, these individuals try to deal with the task at hand based on their own knowledge and expertise and not based on the broader picture for the business. During this session the participants will learn about the various stakeholders that are, or should be, involved in the planning process for implementing Digital Accessibility. The participants will learn about the specific type of education required at specific levels to create the requirements and support the design and the development during the product life cycle.

The participants will also learn how to communicate the importance and key points with different types of stakeholders.

Practical Skills

  • The participants will learn that they first need to identify the extend of the responsibility bestowed on them, and the need to identify their organizational structure. They will be provided examples of the organizational structures, and the various stakeholders with whom they will need to collaborate.
  • They will learn about the different approaches that they will need to exercise in order to collaborate with these stakeholders. These approaches will range from a presentation for the executive level to repositories for designers and developers.
  • The participants will also learn how to set Digital Accessibility implementation goals and create a plan based on their learnings and assign timelines to present to their management.