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Deep Dive: (Dis)ability Deconstructed: A Practical Guide to Ability Inclusion

taught by: Amber Benton

Session Summary

An interactive session to help attendees better understand the diversity of ability and how to make accessibility beneficial for everyone.


Find (Dis)ability Deconstructed: A Practical Guide to Ability Inclusion on the Knowbility Learning Center

In this interactive session, participants will learn about the diversity of (dis)abilities. We will also deconstruct what (dis)ability means in today’s society and how that impacts our personal and professional lives. Participants will leave this session with practical tools and approaches to become more accessible and anti-ableist. This session is ideal for those who are new to the topic of ability and ableism as well as attendees who are interested in deepening their understanding of ability, ableism and accessibility.

Practical Skills

  • Participants will understand the concepts of (dis)ability and accessibility.
  • Participants will understand the complexities of language and models related to disability. This will include person-first language, identity-based language, the medical model, and the social model.
  • Participants will learn to move beyond compliance and accommodations and towards more accessible and anti-ableist approaches in their work.