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Deep Dive: Accessible Components from Design to Development

taught by: Carie Fisher

Session Summary

In this workshop, Carie will walk through the process of creating accessible front-end components from design to development. Throughout the workshop sessions, we will rely on accessibility best practices/guidelines and utilize testing tools and techniques at each step of the product development lifecycle.


Find Accessible Components from Design to Development on the Knowbility Learning Center

While digital accessibility can be difficult or frustrating to many people, it doesn’t have to be. By learning front-end techniques, utilizing targeted accessibility tools, and making small changes to your everyday workflow, you can make the digital world more inclusive — without crushing your creativity or sacrificing your sanity!

We will focus on the areas in front-end components that impact your users most — whether you are writing HTML/ARIA, CSS, or JavaScript. The attendees will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of digital accessibility and resources to get started designing and building accessible components of their own.

Instructor will present virtually.

Practical Skills

  • Essential accessibility annotations for a smoother design-to-development handoff between teams. An overview of currently available accessible style guides, patterns, and libraries, and how to know what is best for your specific environment.
  • How to conduct basic automated, manual, assistive technology (AT), and user tests — and when each technique/tool should be applied in the software development lifecycle.
  • Focused component walk-throughs and examples for HTML/ARIA, CSS, and JavaScript using a “code along at home” approach to teaching. Attendees will leave with enough resources, tools, and techniques to hit the ground running after the workshop is over!