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Achieving the Accessibility Mindset: Case Studies in Industry and Academic A11Y Transformation

taught by: John Neumann, Ph.D.

Session Summary

A look into the successful launch of Accessibility curriculum at the University of Texas, and a discussion of learnings from integrating Accessibility into organizations in industry.


In this session, Dr. John Neumann will share insights and learnings in advancing Accessibility from within academia and industry. John will discuss case studies on the launch of Accessibility curriculum, including the wins and challenges. We'll focus on the instructional design, engagement, motivation & purpose, and outcomes in this space.

Additionally, John will dive into his experience building UX teams that incorporate Accessibility into their work from the onset. We'll review key elements of successful UX teams, and how they can use their influence to drive Accessibility inside other organizations such as Engineering & Development.

Practical Skills

  • Learn successful approaches to significantly advancing Accessibility within academia and industry.
  • How to build teams with Accessibility fully-integrated into their workflow.
  • Learn tools that create lasting change in people and teams.