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A11y Form-tastic: Designing Forms for Everyone to Use

taught by: Fahad Lambate

Session Summary

Accessibility within forms is essential not only for people with disabilities, it is to ensure that all users can effectively interact with and complete the forms.


Find A11y Form-tastic: Designing Forms for Everyone to Use on the Knowbility Learning Center

This topic largely covers the common accessibility challenges in forms design, such as poor labelling and instructions, and providing clear and meaningful error messages. It also covers best practices including clear and consistent labeling/instructions, use of ARIA attributes, and proper use of input types. Additionally, it covers techniques for making forms navigable fully via keyboard along with tools/resources for testing and evaluating the accessibility of forms. The goal of this topic is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to create forms that are inclusive to all users.

Instructor will present virtually.

This session will feature pre-recorded material that will be shown at the beginning of the session, followed by live practice or Q&A with the instructor.

Practical Skills

  • Understand the common accessibility challenges in forms.
  • What are some best practices that will make the form inclusive to all users.
  • Some evaluating techniques to test accessibility of the forms.