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Live: The Other Dark Web: Designing UI for Dark and High Contrast Modes

taught by: Tori Clark

Session Summary

Past versions of this talk discussed testing and remediating for high contrast and dark modes, but what can designers do to plan for these modes from the start?


Watch this presentation in the Knowbility Learning Center

While dark modes are growing in popularity, high contrast and inverted modes have been a long-time adaptive strategy for many users. And yet, many websites still don't plan for any of these users.

This presentation will review tips and strategies for planning high contrast and dark mode into the iterative design process, including how to determine constraints by partnering with engineers and PMs. At the end, students can apply what they learn by suggesting approaches for a Windows high contrast version of designs for simple and complex components.

Practical Skills

  • Learn who benefits from high contrast, inverted, and dark modes
  • How to design for these modes
  • Understand technical constraints for designing for these modes