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Live: Strategies for Equity: Transforming the Business of Designing for Compliance

taught by: Claire Benedikt

Session Summary

Whatever your role, whatever your industry, there are achievable strategies for transforming the business of designing for accessibility compliance to the business of designing for equity.


Are your products "just" compliant, or are they genuinely equitable for all your users? To help you pursue equity, I'll show you a way to approach the problem and give you some practical strategies for transforming your organization's accessibility processes. Come prepared to pick up some concepts and extrapolate them to your own industry and business.

Course Materials

Practical Skills

  • Participants will learn disability concepts that can be leveraged to build a business case for equity
  • Participants will become familiar with several strategies that can help change the business of compliance to the business of equity
  • Through the use of examples and extrapolation, participants will learn how to target specific changes to their own accessibility processes