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Q&A: Save Time, Be More Efficient: Reliable Strategies for Digital Accessibility Professionals

taught by: Jennie Delisi

Session Summary

The pandemic highlighted the need for digital accessibility.

Many experienced a sudden rise in communications, daily tasks, and demands on our time.

Learn strategies to help improve how you organize your communications, track your tasks, and achieve your work goals.


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Day 1 of working from home at the start of the pandemic changed many things. Before: you had to work to get responses from coworkers. After day 1: everyone was reaching out for your help.

Two years later the increased pace continues. And two years later for many, staffing levels remain unchanged. One opportunity: learn ways to work smarter. Many of us came to digital accessibility from a variety of backgrounds. We may have forged our own systems, processes, and workflows. Now we must learn how to maximize the time we have.

This session will present concrete, actionable strategies for:

  • Identifying areas of your work that could improve efficiency.
  • Developing workflows for yourself.
  • Methods that can better address workflow needs.
  • Reducing "noise" and improving focus.
  • Evaluating effectiveness of workflows and strategies.
  • Communicating when tasks do not fit within the available time.

Advocating and improving the status quo requires you to be at your best. Improving your work habits can be one step toward achieving your 2022 goals.

Practical Skills

  • Participants will be able to describe clues that may indicate a workflow could be more efficient.
  • Participants will be able to list 4 categories to consider while reviewing email that can improve efficiency.
  • Participants will be able to identify a technique that can help manage communications with stakeholders from different organizations.