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Live: Making Streaming Video Inclusive

taught by: Charu Pandhi
co-presented by: Carolina Crespo, Rachele DiTullio

Session Summary

Join TPGi as we review accessibility considerations for delivering streaming video across multiple platforms using a variety of input modalities. Designers and developers will learn how to improve the user journey of finding and playing video content on demand.


Streaming is the present and it is the future as more and more people watch their favorite shows online. Streaming services offer a variety of options but without any consistency in service across devices, navigating them can pose a huge barrier for people with disabilities, leaving them behind. A recent client project gave us the opportunity to interact with the same content in a variety of contexts using different devices (smart TV, mobile application, game console, streaming stick) and input modalities (remote vs. game controller vs. voice vs. keyboard) for navigation and selection of content including: 

  • Registering for an account and logging in
  • Browsing through what is available
  • Adding content to watch list
  • Downloading shows

Our goal is to contribute to the body of knowledge around the best practices of streaming video, including: 

  • Using headlings to make the UI easier to navigate
  • Exposing the button role for controls
  • Robust accessible names for controls
  • Progress bars
  • Carousel and menu bar considerations

Practical Skills

  • Examples of different devices and input modalities
  • Challenges of navigating streaming services
  • Top 5 issues for design teams to consider