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Keynote: Redefining Accessibility for the World Wide Web

taught by: Molly Holzschlag


Join the session on Youtube.

Inclusion, diversity, universality. An entire industry has emerged to find the technical solutions, but do we really understand the social issues that have held us back from seeing Accessibility for the Web not as a tack-it-on-after endeavor, rather the most important point of connectivity between humans, computers, networks, and ultimately individuals and society. This session reveals some of the misperceptions we've all fallen into along the way about what Accessibility means, and what the practice of #a11y is in relation to what is a far broader need: To understand the social and behavioral impulses in humanity that give rise to educational, institutional, and organizational outreach still are not inclusive, diverse, or universal. Why? After all, leaving accessibility out of the equation is a ridiculous and dangerous precedence to set, so it is only to our advantage to make the time to widen our understanding of the social, business, and technical work that also goes into it, and how to redefine it at the First Class Citizen of the Web. It benefits us now and opens more opportunities as we grow our skills. Accessibility first, for the win!

This keynote will be at the Holiday Inn Austin - Town Lake. All AccessU attendees are invited to join us for the keynote and the reception.