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Live: How to Maintain Accessibility on a Website with Many Contributors

taught by: Amber Hinds

Session Summary

Actionable ideas for how organizations and institutions can maintain accessibility on websites with large numbers of contributors - including those who may not know or understand about accessibility.


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Modern content management systems like WordPress make it easier for many users of varying levels of tech savviness to contribute to a website's design and content. This is both a boon and a challenge, especially when it comes to maintaining brand standards and accessibility compliance.

For large organizations and institutions, accessibility compliance under the ADA and Section 508 are not optional. This presentation will provide actionable ideas for how website administrators can introduce accessibility monitoring and guidance into their content management systems to educate contributors on accessibility best practices as they're entering content. This is a proactive approach to accessibility which helps to maintain WCAG compliance on living websites and reduces the need for retroactive remediation.

Specific examples will be provided in WordPress, however overall concepts will be applicable to any content management system.

Practical Skills

  • Gain ideas for how to educate website contributors on accessibility.
  • Understand the importance of a proactive approach to website accessibility and how it can shorten launch times and reduce costs associated with retroactive remediation.
  • See specific examples of accessibility guidance built into WordPress which can be implemented by attendees in their own CMSs.