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Q&A: How Can We Measure Successful Inclusion?

taught by: Gareth Ford Williams

Session Summary

I will be talking about the different ways in which accessibility and inclusive design can be measured from a human rather than a compliance perspective.


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When managing an inclusive design or accessibility programme, one of the hardest things to show is the positive impact your work has had.

This was the biggest problem I faced whilst managing accessibility at the BBC.

Compliance is compliance and is a great first step, but how do you know if the way it has been implemented is effective from a user outcome perspective?

For accessibility to be delivered successfully, everyone should have a designed experience that meets their needs, supports their user preferences, and gives them a comparative experience to other users.

These will be discussed using a mixture of tools and services available on the market as well as methods that can be implemented within an existing design framework.

Practical Skills

  • How to interpret the statistics that are already available to frame the opportunity.
  • Identifying and implementing qualitative approaches that ensure design decisions are informed and inclusive.
  • Give an approach using data tools that, when a product goes live, evaluate the outcome from an inclusive design perspective and ensure that audience expectations and been met and barriers have not been designed that exclude any users.