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Live: Hear from the Audio Description Experts

taught by: Celia Hughes

Session Summary

Audio describers are generally sighted, but their clients are not. Come to this panel discussion to hear from savvy tech users who are Blind to learn from them what works and what doesn't. We often make decisions about access that may not be the best, so bring your questions and let the experts lead the way.


Watch this presentation in the Knowbility Learning Center

Art Spark Texas Lead Describers will moderate a panel of four users to talk about their tech hacks and learn how some simple adjustments to your design can make a great difference to the end user. Invited panelists: Noe Socha, professional musician; Conrad and Karol Austen, graduate students; Renee Cummings, former ED of North Carolina State Independent Living Council.* We are also reaching out to a web developer whoi is blind to add him as an advisor to this team and to participate with the Q&A session at the end of the session.

This 1.5 hour long presentation will start with a brief introduction of each speaker and their experiences with technology at their workplace, at home and at school. This will be followed by a set of questions moderated by Celia Hughes, Art Spark Texas Executive Director and Lead describer. There will be ample time allowed at the end of the presentations for questions from the conference attendees.

Course Materials

Practical Skills

  • Real world tech applications and issues encountered by people who are blind.
  • Three tech resources to make websites/tech accessible.
  • Accessible websites are not difficult to build, with the right attitude and tools.