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Live: Building Internal Accessibility Standards for Designers & Developers

taught by: Paul Adam

Session Summary

Learn how to translate the complex WCAG and ARIA specs into plain-language, actionable guidance for developers and designers. Save time for you and your teams by building guidance targeted to the specific accessibility responsibilities of designers and developers.


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Most teams do not understand that accessibility standards are legally and contractually required in the work they produce. Your company needs official accessibility standards that are required for employees to follow during design and development of all products. Teams that do want to implement Accessibility do not understand how to apply all the required standards to their work.

WCAG and ARIA standards are too complex to be directly useful for teams. When teams do build for accessibility there can be inconsistency in how requirements are interpreted and implemented. With internal accessibility standards, you can create a single source of truth for all accessibility guidelines and requirements at your company.

Eliminate the need for teams to seek external resources on accessibility. Save yourself time from repeating the same suggestions for accessibility by sharing a link to the internal accessibility standards content. Internal accessibility standards in a CMS can be open for inline comment feedback and evolve over time.

Let’s talk about our experiences building internal accessibility standards and share advice for success.

Course Materials

Practical Skills

  • Understand how to translate WCAG and ARIA specifications into plain-language, actionable guidance for developers and designers.
  • Learn the best ways to create and organize accessibility guidance for Designers, Content Designers, and Developers.
  • Hear advice for success from others who have built internal accessibility standards for their company.