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Style vs. Substance: Why Not Both?

taught by: Christiaan Clark

Session Summary

Join a developer and a designer for a discussion of how to pair style and substance by exploring UI components with unique styles and treatments.


Find Style vs. Substance: Why Not Both? on the Knowbility Learning Center

Emphasis on semantics often steers accessibility-minded designs toward overly simple flows. But sometimes, designs need to respect visual complexity while still maintaining programmatic accessibility. Sometimes it’s even just fun to add visual interest to set your design apart. In this talk, we will explore advanced CSS techniques such as clip-path, transform, and border-image-source that can make for a more dynamic UX without sacrificing accessibility.

Instructor will present virtually.

Practical Skills

  • Use advanced CSS techniques to move beyond standard rectangular <div> boxes and linear designs (e.g. dials designed with complex CSS and semantically built with <input type="’range’" role="’slider’"> to preserve accessibility)
  • Find CSS solutions and alternatives to pseudo-elements
  • Explore numerous examples of how you can put these CSS techniques to use