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Roundtable Discussions

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Session Summary

Please join us for informal but lively discussions on a range of topics.

If you are onsite and wish to join one of the virtual roundtables, please find a quiet place on campus and join the Zoom meeting.



  • Data visualization (Thomas Watkins)
  • Standard accessibility reporting (Chris Law)
  • Setting up a new accessibility team (Helen Burge)
  • Accessibility in IT procurement (Jeff Kline)
  • W3C WAI listens to you (Shawn Henry)
  • Accessibility vs. usability (Dax Castro)
  • How to include people with disabilities in product making (Manish Agrawal, Aman Singal)
  • Sharing our journey to web accessibility (Prashant Luthra)
  • Cognitive disability and neurodiversity (Anne Forrest)
  • Making your UX research process accessible (Erica Braverman) VIRTUAL
  • Scaling enterprise accessibility programs (Corbb O'Connor) VIRTUAL
  • WordPress (Amber Hinds) VIRTUAL
  • Mobile accessibility (Gian Wild) VIRTUAL
  • The future of automated accessibility testing (Samuel Proulx) VIRTUAL