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Alternatives to Screen Readers and Screen Magnification for Reading: Using Word as an Example

taught by: Wayne Dick

Session Summary

Screen readers, screen magnifiers, and other assistive technologies are commonly used reading aids for people with low vision. Many are unaware however of the accessibility features built right in to Microsoft Word. These accessibility features are free and have a very easy learning curve.


Join Dr. Wayne Dick, Professor Emeritus for the University of California at Long Beach as he walks us through his approach to making content more accessible to readers with low vision using the features freely available within Microsoft Word. He will show how to set up personalized templates, how to use Read Aloud, how to import content from email, web pages, ebooks, and other formats to be more flexible and responsive in the Word framework, including some insights into math.

Practical Skills

  • The settings in Word that allow customization
  • How to import content
  • How to use personalization features to support accessibility for low vision users