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Creating Accessible PDFs from Microsoft Word

taught by: Chad Chelius

Session Summary

Creating a PDF file from our Word documents is a common task that we all perform daily. But to ensure that all users will be able to consume the content in the PDF file, we must take steps to properly create those PDF files. Word gives us the ability, we just need to take advantage of it.


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There are multiple ways to create a PDF file from Microsoft Word however not all methods are created equally. Without taking the proper approach you are in danger of your PDF file being inaccessible to users who use assistive technology. In this session, learn about the key steps you need to take to ensure that PDF files created from Microsoft Word are accessible to all users.

Practical Skills

  • Learn how to add heading structure to PDFs created from Microsoft Word
  • Learn how to add alternative text to images to give them value that can be interpreted by users of assistive technology.
  • Understand how to leverage features in Microsoft Word that will facilitate the creation of an accessible PDF file.