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Accessibility in the Mobile Development Lifecycle

taught by: Mark Steadman
co-presented by: Zach Gadoury

Session Summary

Mobile apps are developed and deployed at a very fast pace, so how can accessibility become a part of that? With automation, quick testing, and definition of done for accessibility we can make it apart of the dev process!


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In a world where all things point to web developers and how to get accessibility as part of their lifecycle, where is all the information about mobile? Mobile application development is at its highest rate ever, so why is accessibility left out of the conversation? Mobile accessibility has been a hot topic over the last few years and mobile developers have been asking how can we effectively bring accessibility to our development lifecycle without slowing down our day-to-day processes? In this session, we will cover ways in which we can leverage accessibility automation quick screen reader testing and build a definition of done for accessibility in order to help bring it into the mobile development lifecycle.

Instructor will present virtually.

This session will feature pre-recorded material that will be shown at the beginning of the session, followed by live practice or Q&A with the instructor.

Practical Skills

  • How to use Automation in the Mobile Dev Space
  • How quick screen reader tests can drastically increase accessibility in dev cycle
  • How to build a simple and effective definition of done