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Session Summary

When auditing mobile native applications auditors can be held back by web ideals. Knowing the code used to create the application can help to understand what issues can be fixed and some cannot easily. This talk will walk through some common issues and how a developer can resolve them.


Find Limitations of Code on the Knowbility Learning Center

There are many elements visually that are the same as web sites in mobile native applications, but they will behave differently when using a screen reader or other assistive technology. When I first started preforming mobile audits, I assumed all applications can use the accessibility tags regardless of the code used to create them. After talking with the developers that write the code, I learnt it is not as straight forward or easy to to mix code types like it is when a web page.

I was lucky enough to learn with the Android and iOS developers how to identify issues that are not straight forward to fix, and methods and strategies on how to make the applications work well for users. I aim to share some of the main issues identified and ways to approach them with accessibility in mind on how to resolve limitations with assistive technology.

Practical Skills

  • Understanding of native applications and accessibility
  • How to categorize issues
  • How to approach issues and find a way to resolve them