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Deep Dive: Key Techniques for Creating More Accessible Infographics

taught by: Dax Castro
co-presented by: Chad Chelius

Session Summary

Learn four specific methods for creating accessible infographics that increase the meaningful experience for the end user. This session focuses on how to maximize the accessibility of graphic elements created in MS PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat.


Find Key Techniques for Creating More Accessible Infographics on the Knowbility Learning Center

This workshop covers four distinct methods for presenting more robust infographics. You will learn basic accessibility barriers that exist in presenting charts, graphs and infographics and approaches to mitigating each one. Attendees will learn the benefits and shortcomings of each design program (PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign) and how to choose the best program for the desired user experience. We will cover Adobe PDF remediation and testing methodologies for infographics using NVDA and JAWS and how those experiences can differ. Be prepared to expand your thought process on what it means to present an accessible infographic. Attendees will learn advanced techniques that capitalize on alt-text properties to develop processes for better user experiences for complex infographics.

Practical Skills

  • Attendees will be able to recognize potential accessibility barriers
  • Attendees will learn multiple ways to approach charts and graphs
  • Attendees will gain a direct understanding of how their design choices are voiced using NVDA and other assistive technology.