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Conducting accessibility testing on complex widgets

taught by: Russ Weakley

Session Summary

Are you designing or building complex UI widgets? Would you like a framework that allows you to rigorously test widgets to ensure they are compliant and accessible?


Find Conducting accessibility testing on complex widgets on the Knowbility Learning Center

This framework focuses on breaking test cases into simple pass/fail scenarios based on a series of user profiles. The framework can be used for simple form controls, complex date pickers, drop-downs, auto-completes and more.

Instructor will present virtually.

Practical Skills

  • An understanding of how to break up the testing process into simple, manageable and measurable pass/fail tests
  • How to rethink testing so that you can provide detailed information on the accessibility of each widget
  • How to document tests in a clearly defined form so that anyone can quickly understand the content state of each widget